Title: An Innovative Virtual Reality Educational Environment for School Physics Education

Funding: Erasmus+

Start date: October 2016

End date:  September 2018

Web site:


The World of Physics (WoP) project aims to assist pupils in studying physics domain with the utilization of innovative technologies like virtual reality. Specifically, a 3D virtual reality educational environment will be developed possessing innovative educational infrastructure, and offering immersive and efficient learning opportunities, engaging students in various educational activities, learning scenarios and offering students an attractive, entertaining and efficient way to learn various topics of the challenging domain of physics. The students will have the ability to virtually visit laboratories, perform experiments, explore procedures and examine the ways that are conducted. The virtual educational environment and the laboratories will be designed in a way that supports students to form appropriate mental models of involved concepts, by visualizing them and allowing interactions with the virtual phenomena and processes. This will contribute in more effective ICT-based teaching and training and will also offer new, more attractive ways of teaching, through the Virtual 3D World that will be developed. Students can improve their understanding and skills on physics with the use of advanced ICT (like virtual reality technology), thus improving the quality of education and learning. Indeed, the project will modernize and enhance the performance and effectiveness of school physics education and reinforce the efficiency and attractiveness of school education with the utilization of innovative educational ICT and also by developing and offering innovative educational approaches and training activities in the 3D Virtual reality environment. The project will also promote learning through Open Educational Resources (OER) in different European languages.