Directorate of Infrastructures and Networks
         Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus"

Greek School Network
The Greek School Network is the national network of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs (MoE), which safely interconnects all schools of Primary and Secondary education, including educational units abroad, services and entities supervised by the MoE at central and regional level, service providers of lifelong learning, students, teaching staff, other educators and other entities of MoE.
eTwinning is the Community for schools in Europe. Teachers from all participating countries can register and use the eTwinning online tools to find each other, meet virtually, exchange ideas and practice examples, team up in Groups, learn together in Learning Events and engage in online-based projects.
Grant beneficiaries system with Training Vouchers of the Ministry of Labour
The «TRAINING VOUCHER» program aims to achieve a structured path for the entry of unemployed in the labor market, which will potentially lead to a placing in the private sector of the economy.

Directorate of Infrastructures and Networks

The main activities of the Directorate of Infrastructures and Networks of Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTI) are the design, implementation and support of network infrastructures and Internet services. Through its involvement in pioneer National and European research and development projects, GSN-NTS has a major role in the development of network infrastructures and services, and Internet services as well in Greece, especially those concerning school networks and ICT infrastructures at schools.

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The activities of the Directorate include:

  • The planning, development and operation of large-scale broadband networks and networking services, especially those of Greek School Network.
  • The planning, development and operation of advanced e-services and Internet applications for Education and e-Government.
  • The provision of support and training services to Internet services users.
  • The provision of technical advisor services on issues concerning the planning and implementation of network infrastructures and Internet services at schools.
  • The planning, development and operation of cloud and grid infrastructures.
  • The conduction of Research at the area of networking technologies. 

The Directorate is in strong collaboration with many Universities, Technological Institutes, Research Institutes and Organizations not only in Greece, but also abroad for the implementation of various research and development projects. GSN-NTS has long and specialized experience in networking and Internet technologies and manages a large scale of network and computing infrastructures.

Greek School Network and Networking Technologies Directorate was established in 2011, following the Networking Technologies Sector that has been established in 1999.

Projects that we implement: