Gerolymos Georgios


MSc, University of Surrey, Mobile & Satellite Communications


BSc, University of Wales, Swansea, Electronics with Communications

Tel: 2610 960342
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

George Gerolimos is a senior R&D Consultant with significant experience in working for EU and National Research and Development Projects, as well as in working for commercial projects in the area of large governmental portals which are based on the MOSS 2007 platform.

He worked for TELETEL S.A. as a senior R&D Engineer for Telecommunications and IT projects, in collaboration with firms like ALCATEL SEL Stuttgart, SOLINET GmbH (Stuttgart), Telecom Austria (Vienna) and THALES TRT (Paris). These activities include project management and technical coordination of commercial and EU co-funded R&D projects on a daily basis, through their entire life cycle. The technical activities mainly include the design and development of telecommunication protocols and IT applications as well as system integration and testing with nodes of the Legacy Infrastructure of wireless, wireline and mobile networks. He was involved in the following EU projects:







EU-IST MobileIN;


European Defense Agency - FABIOLA;


While working in EU projects, he has specialized in the following fields:

Systems analysis and design;

Producing system specifications and functional specifications;

Workflow analysis and design;

Software development;

Development of Test cases.


By the end of 2008 he has been employed by Unisystems S.A. in order to work in projects of the CRM and Portals technical department. He specialised in MS SQL Server technical issues and trained by Microsoft Hellas in the MOSS 2007 portal platform in order to participate in the design and development process of the Intranet and Internet portal sites of MOU SA (Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes) that belongs to the Greek Ministry of Economy Competitiveness and Shipping.


He currently holds a position at Research Academic Computer Technology Institute and Publications (DIOFANTOS) from October 2011 in the Web Technologies Department and he is actively involved in the design, development and management of a variety of large governmental portals for the Greek ministries of Education and Labour.



Large experience in open source/free source and Microsoft’s development tools. Thorough understanding of the clients’ needs. Production of quality documents, having compiled documentation for clients as diverse as the European Union. Technical skills, applied in tandem with methodologies like object-oriented analysis and design, Capability Maturity Model, etc.