Stathakopoulos George


Degree inComputer Engineeringand Informatics, Universityof Patras

Tel: 2610 960431 
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George Stathakopoulos born in Corinth in 1976. He finished the 1st Lyceum of Corinth. Introduced in the Engineering Department of the University of Patras from where he graduated in 1999. / Computer Engineering and Informatics (CEID) In 2004 he was appointed as professor of Informatics (PE19) in Secondary Education.
Employed in CTI since 1994:
    as an assistant (operator) at the Computer Center of CEID / CTI (1994-1995)
as administrator of Unix Servers of CEID / CTI (1995-1997)
as a technician in the Laboratory works PSO / CTI (1997-1999)
works as an engineer in the Networking Technologies Sector (TTM) of CTI (2000-present)
His involvement in CTI includes systems management, network and services on a large scale (eg University of Patras Network Operations Center, National School Network). His interests also include issues on security and performance data network technologies.
He speaks English and is a member of the TEE